In Eastern Alabama, on the shores of a beautiful lake, there's a special place...

Since 1922, Camp Cosby has been hosting camps on shores of the lakes of Eastern Alabama. Certified to the standards of the American Camping Association, Cosby is amazing place to enjoy nature, try new activities, and build relationships with new friends. It's a beautiful place on the shores of Lake Logan Martin, and you'll find yourself breathing deeper and walking slower as you spend time there. 

Your Camp Springforth host, Zac, has known the staff of Camp Cosby for years and can't wait to introduce you!

Here's just some of what you can look forward to: 

The Alpine Tower at Camp Cosby is highlight for those with a need for challenge and adventure.  Climb through the elements under the supervision of well-trained staff and push your limits, or watch your kids explore their own growing abilities!

Archery is a classic camp activity. This ancient skill challenges both those new to the sport and those with years of experience. Your entire family will enjoy a chance to develop this skill together and watch each other grow!

More info about the cabins and facilities:

Camp Cosby Facilities


Arts and Crafts can change a life. 

Tie-dye can teach about generosity. 

Friendship bracelets can be forever.

Springforth is here to bring that experience to your family.