Right between Asheville and Greenville, there's a pretty place on a mountain...

For most of 100 years, there's been a summer camp at the top of Cedar Mountain.  Today, it's one of the best-equipped and best-staffed summer camps in the south-east, but it all started with Cleveland Point. From "Pretty Place", as it's know to everyone, you can see all the way to Greenville, Spartanburg, and Paris Mountain. 

Your Camp Springforth host, Zac, has spent months at Camp Greenville running the activities and getting to know the staff. Your family is in amazing hands. 

Here's just some of what you can look forward to: 

Rainbow Falls, at about 100 feet high and leading into a long series of smaller waterfalls, is one of the most pristine and majestic places you can visit anywhere in the world. An invigorating 25 minutes hike from the center of camp, it's not to be missed. 

Camp Greenville has one of the premiere high ropes facilities in the south. With a continuous belay system, you can enter the course and go at your own speed in complete safety and comfort. Even those who are comfortable with heights and have done ropes courses before will find this course exciting and challenging!

More info about the cabins and facilities:



Arts and Crafts can change a life. 

Tie-dye can teach about generosity. 

Friendship bracelets can be forever.

Springforth is here to bring that experience to your family.