Zac "Hollywood" Caldwell, Founder and Gluttermeister

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Camp is Fun!

What will we be doing at Springforth?

Every location is a little different. I work with each camp location to make sure that the activities offered are high quality, varied in energy level, and fun. You can expect arts and crafts, high ropes, hiking,  s'mores, dance parties, campfire stories, and all the other camp classics, plus some surprises as whim hits. 

You'll get a schedule in the week before you arrive with all of the activities on it, and each activity block is self-directed, so you can choose to do as much or as little as you'd like! There will be activities just for kids and just for adults, and activities where everyone is together, so you'll get a mix of time with your family and time with new friends. 

Camp is Safe! 

How do you protect your campers?

The goal of Camp Springforth is to a be place you can be 100% confident in your families safety from bullying, exclusion, or indifference.  We have designed a program and a culture that celebrates every family, no matter what. 

In regards to physical safety, It is every camp professionals number 1 priority.  Before you arrive, you'll get a packing list and it will include things like proper shoes and clothes to keep you safe.  You'll be shown how to use gear safely and activities are designed to be adapted for almost anyone to do safely. Even things that feel dangerous, like high ropes or zip lines, are designed to be completely safe for all users. 

Camp is For Everyone!

Who can come to Springforth?

The goal of Springforth is simple: to be a place where families with LGBTQ members can feel safe, included, and celebrated. Living in the south isn't always easy for LGBTQ+ people, and families can often share the burden. If you or your kids have ever wondered if you'd be welcome in a camp setting, Springforth is a place where we emphatically welcome you to join our community, make new friends, and grow in the outdoors knowing that you are loved, celebrated, and welcomed. 

Any family with any number of parents and kids are welcome, so long as you share the values of celebrating all of us and building a strong, loving Springforth community.  


Arts and Crafts can change a life. 

Tie-dye can teach about generosity. 

Friendship bracelets can be forever.

Springforth is here to bring that experience to your family.